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I AM A Tech Savvy Mom

Tech Savvy Moms:

  • Are raising their kids for a digital future
  • Understand the risks & feel secure in the choices made for her family
  • Know there is more to protecting her kids online than anti-spyware software & passwords
  • Is an amazing digital role model – instilling the tech behaviours she wants to see in her kids
  • Is fully aware that a child’s social media profile will decide their fate with college admissions & future employers
  • Know there are professional scammers targeting her family ~ her kids! ~ and can see the tell-tale signs
  • Is ready to protect her children from online predators, scammers, & cyber criminals

Are you a Tech-Savvy Mom?

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Melanie Rhora

Cyber Security Expert, Certified Abuse Prevention Specialist, and Mom

“Technology doubles every thirty days. Keeping up is a challenge for those of us who work with it full time, and nobody can know it all. I might have come close before I had my child, but #momlife is extraordinarily busy (so I have a team who work with me now).

The last thing I want for any Mom to have that feeling of frustration every time a new feature on her child’s favourite app is released. Plus, kids grow and change almost as fast as the internet. Their cyber safety needs to change along with them.

I’ve dedicated my life to protecting my child (and yours too) from the risks and dangers online.  Being online isn’t all bad – kids can socialize, have fun, and maybe even do research for their homework.  I created my Tech Savvy Moms membership program to keep parents updated about new dangers and features. But more importantly, it helps moms find the most current information quickly and easily so she never feel frustrated and alone again.

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