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Choose Canada’s Top Family Cyber Safety Trainer

When you choose to book Cyber Smart Canada’s founder, Melanie Rhora, for your next event you can expect a presentation that is entertaining and educational.

She is a certified abuse prevention trainer, cyber security expert and a mom.  She is also the lady behind our 5 part “Cyber SMART” program, as well as the author of “Cyber Smart Parents: A Guide to Family Internet Safety”.

She engages our audiences with her easy going nature, sense of humour and caring heart.  With her ease and charming stories, Melanie has captivated both small and large groups.

From 10 to 1000 people (and everything in between) both offline (at live events, conferences and workshops) and online (via webinars and video chat) she can make your next event a success.  Melanie is available to deliver keynote addresses & cyber safety seminars at parenting and educator conferences throughout Canada.

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Our Family Cyber Safety Seminars

Cyber Smart Parents

Our Signature In-Person Seminar for Parents

Cyber SMART Parents

Our cyber safety awareness program is about empowering families to develop a complete digital understanding of safety practices to protect their most vulnerable members no matter what the issue is.

Using our SMART method, parents will be able to guide their children (ages 6 – 13) in creating a powerful digital mindset that will help them & their kids avoid almost any digital issue or trend (now & in the future).

It includes:

  • What to watch for on your child’s tablet or phone
  • How to recognize & teach kids about online scams & traps
  • How to safeguard your child’s location and personal information
  • How to empower kids and keep them safe from cyber bullies
  • How to keep your kids social and safe

Tech For Tots

A special seminar for parents with children under age 6

Tech For Tots

This session was developed with parents & educators of children ages 0 – 6 in mind.  It will calm the minds of new parents and give lots of tips & tools to handle tech-tantrums, choose age appropriate apps and make informed decisions about sharing their kids on social media.

This seminar is perfect for parents, grandparents, and daycare workers.  It includes:

  • How to safeguard your child online 
  • How to monitor your child’s identity for theft
  • How to set and enforce screen time limits now to avoid digital drama & tech tantrums
  • The apps features to avoid with youngsters
  • How to create a balanced approach to tech
  • How to empower kids to use technology responsibly from day one

Get Cyber SMART

Our Signature presentation for students in grades 4 - 8

Get Cyber SMART

his interactive seminarwas specially designed for students in grades 4 – 8.  Using our SMART model, we empower kids with a powerful digital mindset that will help them avoid almost any digital issue (both now and in the future).

It Includes:

  • How kids can safeguard their identity 
  • How predators use app features to target kids
  • How to avoid being chosen as a predator’s target
  • How students can protect their online reputations
  • Special modules for Sexting & Cyber-Bullying
  • A fun and interactive superhero theme

Cyber SMART Students

Help your students applying for college by protecting their digital reputations

Cyber Smart Students

This eye-opening seminarwas specially designed for students in grades 9 – 12.  Using our SMART model, we get your students thinking about how their digital footprint can pave the way for a dream career (and positive college resume).

It Includes everything students need to know to use social media to create an online presence that will impress colleges and employers:

  • The social media networks college admission expect students to use
  • What students should and should not post online
  • What college admissions & employers want to see within students online profiles
  • The online behaviors that can send A+ students to the wait list

Melanie delivers engaging and practical workshops, seminars, and conference keynote addresses throughout Canada.

Each of our presentations can be formatted to fit your time-frame. We offer short 30 minute breakout sessions and 1 hour lunch-n-learn presentations as well as ½ & full day professional development workshops.

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